Dianabol UK (Metanabol)



Dianabol UK is now the most recognised oral anabolic – androgenic steroid. It is used by beginners as well as advanced users for rapid muscle mass growth and strength. Dianabol UK is a brand name for pharmacy grade drug named Methandienone and this one is legit mass builder created by scientists for USA Olympic team to get more wins against Russia in 1956.

What is Dianabol UK ?

It is a bottle containing 50 tablets and each one has 50mg of active Methandienone (Dianabol UK) drug. 50mg is great as this is what you need to take each day to get best and optimal results with as little side – effects as possible.

Dianabol was made in late 50’s . Medial name for this drug is Methandienone so it is commonly named Metanabol or Metanabol. In Poland Metanabol is official brand name for this oral steroid product.

Drug Name: Methandienone

Bran Name: Dianabol 50

Package : bottle, 50x50mg tablets

Purpose: lean muscle mass and strength gains

Dosage: 50mg every day; can be split in 2 doses

Cycle period : 6-8 weeks

Average muscle gains : 5-10kg

Strength gains: 17-20% increase of max rep

This bottle is enough for 7 weeks cycle what is enough for beginner. For more advanced bodybuilders and better mass/strength gains, it is advised to get at least 2 bottles. Be careful when using Dianabol UK steroid. This serious medical drug and if overdosed or taken to long , can bring side-effects. Remember about PCT when using this drug. When finished, good PCT cycle should be applied. Injection of hCG along with Tamoxifen tablets is recommended for all users. Clomifen (Clomid) drug is also recommended after taking Dianabol 50. At least 1 tablets a day for 2 weeks.

Dianabol 50mg UK and PCT

Dianabol 50mg is not as strong as other injectable steroids or oral Anadrol (Oxymetholone, Anapolon), but proper PCT cycle is advised after taking this drug. As mentioned above, cycle of hCG or if not Tamoxifen + Clomid tablets is very welocme after using Dianabol UK 50mg tablets.



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