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Cheap Clenbuterol Uk – AS Labs offers low price and genuine Clen tablets. Each bottle contain 100 x 40mcg Clenbuterol tablets. This is one of the trongest but also cheap Clenbuterol in UK.

Why is it cheap Clenbuterol ?

First of all most of the Clen tablets are made in the same Labs in the world. This is either India or other Asian country. Why not Europe ? We have strong law and Gov is not that much corupted to allow those labs to exists. India have a bit different rules. If you think that any of the steroids are made in EU (injectable or oral ones) it mean you are wrong. There is no one single genuinbe Steroid Labs in EU. This is agains any European gov.

Wy is this Clenbuterol cheap ? Because  :

  • we buy it in large batches (over 20k packages)
  • package is not to fancy like other expensive brands
  • we are working with supplier since 2009
  • we are official re-seller in the UK

Is this a good Clenbuterol ?

Yes. This is a good Clenbuteol product. How do we know it ? We are using Clen too. Before contests, summer and when we want to took good. How to test good Clenbuterol ? Just take one, whole tablet and just wait until your hands starts to shake. That’s it !


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