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Anavar 50 UK – Sis Labs United Kingdom. Maybe one for few, genuine Oxandrolone steroid available in British market. Each Anavar 50 bottle contain 60 Oxa tablets 50mg each. This mild but most popular oral steroid offers slow, but lean muscle mass growth. It has none androgenic side-effects so it can be used by woman.

How to use Anavar 50 UK tablets ?

Anavar 50 UKAnavar 50 UK by Sis Labs comes as oral tablets. Each tablet has 50mg of active Oxandrolone Hormone. Take one tablet a day to get best results. Anavar is so mild that it doesn’t offer big muscle gains but what it gives, is lean muscle mass with none water retention. Do not overdose Anavar 50 products as it won’t bring bigger and better results (due to his mild character and limit of receptors in human body, more doesn’t mean better in this case).

Anavar 50 UK for Women

Oxandrolone hormone is so mild that it can be used by women. Not because it is weak. No. It is made to heave almost none androgenic side effects that causes things like facial hair growth , lowering voice … basically all thing that distinguish man from woman … well … almost 🙂 . Women should not go above 20-30mg a day. So it is enough to break each tablet in half to get 25mg what is good enough. It is VERY IMPORTANT not to overdose Anavar 50 UK in case of woman.

How much of Anavar 50 you should buy ?

The best Anavar 50 Cycle should take min 12 weeks to get visible results. Basically 3 months. But let’s thing 12 weeks so it gives 84 days total. So you need minimum 84 tablets of Anavar 50 to get super result. If you want to just harden muscles without visible body changes, go for 8 weeks, what gives 56 days, it is one Anavar 50 UK bottle. But do not judge me after short, 8 cycle. I am opting for 12 weeks Oxandrolone cycle here. This is when you see muscle growth in mirror.

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  1. Samuel Silva

    Do u have any of this available?

    • Steroid


  2. Daniel norris

    You still have these?

    • Steroid (verified owner)

      Yes. We do have some still.

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