Anapolon (Anadrol UK, Oxymetholone) 20x50mg



Drug Name: Oxymetholone

Brand Name: Anapolon

Purpose: Mass – Strength builder.

Form: Oral tablets

Dosage: 50mg/day

Cycle Period: 21 days

Anapolon – Anadrol UK 50mg Tablets

Anapolon 50mg is pharmacy grade Anadrol UK (Oxymetholone) steroid. It is strongest oral anabolic – androgenic steroid ever made. It is used by professional bodybuilders as kick-start cycle drug as it’s working very fast, basically like Methandienone (Dianabol) , but is much stronger. Because A-Drol (Anapolon) is so strong, it should be taken only for first 21 days of steroid cycle. During that time, user may notice some water retention and feeling of being pumped. This is how Oxymetholone hormone works due to it’s strength.

Anadrol 50mg

Because Oxymetholone is so strong , it is advise to take up to one Anadrol 50mg tablets. It can be divided in to 2 separate doses taken every 12h to keep hormone on even level. During A-Dol cycle , user will feel significant strength growth. During this time, precaution is advised. It is easy to tear off muscle tissues due to enormous strength growth comparing to tendons and ligaments recovery time. Be aware , that Anadrol 50mg (Anapolon) is called strongest oral steroid made. And this is true.

Buy Anapolon 50 steroids UK

If you are planning steroid cycle , or wish to start with oral steroid only due to lack of professional supervision during injectable cycle, it advised to use Anapolon 50 for best mass – strength effects. But it is not recommended to use Anapolon or other brand of Oxymetholone drug for longer than 3 weeks (21 days) due to it’s strength. during this time, user will notice water retention especially in hands (palms) . They will feel harder and much ‘fuller’ than before. This is first , visible effect of Anapolon 50mg action.



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