Crypto Payments

Get know why and how to pay for steroids using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum

Why we accept crypto currencies for steroid orders ?

The magic words are tax and control. Real money are easy to track. You as buyer and we as seller are easily tracked by the gov. With Bitcoin, Ethereum or other Crypto you and I are safe. It is impossible to track what you bought and what we have sold with crypto currencies.

Second thing : our competitors within industry are not able to block our bank accounts now as it had place before. We had problems with customer payments as the money was blocked by British banks. As nobody is controlling Crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum so it is impossible to block it

Is it safe way to pay ?

Yes. It is. We don’t have your bank details or any of your payment details if you pay with crypto like Bitcoin , Ethereum or other. What we get is your crypto wallet address only. It is long string of encrypted numbers that we can’t understand and connect it with any person (privacy is one of the reasons why Bitcoin was invented) like : 0x06e252534252353528780F9b0E9870E483C360562b5E5D443 (do not use this address !! this is is fake address for an example here, I made it up ) . That is the only piece of the information we have about your payment details.

Safe place to buy crypto for steroid purchase ?

Please use some trusted services.  MoonPay is a fastest way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other coins and tokens. You can buy coins there and send them directly to one of our chosen in checkout wallets.

Next one and very safe place is Coinbase

There is many places to buy crypto for setroids purchase but we are introducing only the most safe one and one we trust.