Metanabol (Polish Dianabol) 100xt5mg



Long time not available on UK market Metanabol is now best seller in Britain. This Polish , pharmacy grade Dianabol (Methandienone) is maybe the best and most clean oral steroid within D-Bol brand . If you are looking steroids from pharmacy, Metanabol is your choice here .

Drug Name: Methandienone

Brand Name: Metanabol

Type: oral anabolic-androgenic steroid

Purpose: mass and strength gains

Action time: fast (6-8h)

Dose: 30-50mg daily

Cycle length: 4-6 weeks

Package: 100 tablets x 5mg each

What is Metanabol ?

Metanabol 5mg is pure Methandienone hormone (known as Dianabol or DBol) from Poland . It was the best brand of Dianabol in 80’s and 90’s. Government changes in Poland and structural change in Polfa Pharmaceuticals (polish medical company) had influence on finalising production of Metanabol Dianabol steroids . After year 2010 Metka came back to Polish pharmacies and in the same on European markets . As it is quite easy to get in Poland Metanabol prescription , we are able to announce this drug our best , pharmacy grade Dianabol drug we have now available to online customers .


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