Genuine Clenbuterol UK


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Looking for genuine Clenbuterol UK available for online sale ? Magnus Pharma makes genuine clenbuterol uk in the best package in EU market. This Clen 40mcg tablets are pure and strong as horse. This is my fav clenbuterol I have to say.

What is Genuine Clenbuterol UK  ?

You get 1 bottle of 100 tablets where each contain 40mcg of active Clenbuterol pharmacy grade drug. It is basically Asthma drug, but it is used to burn fat as this is Clen’s side-effect. However this is not a fat burner from it’s main purpose. It is drug made to help people with breathing . It is most common as clenbuterol hydrochloride.

Where to buy Genuine Clenbuterol UK ?

There is many brands of Clen tablets but if you want to buy genuine clenbuterol UK , you should search for a while or ask your trainer for information about best clen source in United Kingdom. Clen by Magnus Pharma is good ad strong. I can recommend it as this is the most recent Clenbuterol i took.

Before taking this drug, please read a lot from trusted sources. Most important is how to take clenbuterol.

How to take Clenbuterol 40mcg  tablets  ?

To start with Clen, you should take 20mcg (half tablet) in the morning , and after 5 hours check how you feel. If you don’t suffer shaking hands and general irritation, you can take another 20mcg.  Every day you should increase dosage but up to 160mcg a day max. Do not go above that level.

Genuine Clenbuterol UK cycle should last 2 weeks and need to be stopped as Clen is not effective anymore. Your body will used to it. After 2 weeks break, you can repeat entire 2 weeks Clen cycle.