One Rip 200 UK for SALE




for sale ins One Rip 200 UK steroid. It is called the best Trenbolone , Propionate and Masteron blend not just for cutting but also bulking thanks to Trenbolone Acetate.
When you buy One Rip 200 UK you get : 1 x 10ml vial

What is One Rip 200 UK ?

One Rip 200 UK steroid is a compound that contain 3 the best steroid used for cutting as well as bulking. Each ml of this product have :

  • 70mg Testosterone Propionate
  • 65mg Trenbolone Acetate
  • 65mg Drostanolone Propionate aka Masteron

How to take One Rip 200 Steroid ?

Usually shot of 1ml EOD (every other day, every two days) is enough to see perfect results in about two weeks. If you are advanced bodybuilder and like to take injection every day, you can go for daily routine with One Rip 200 UK but in this case , better is chose same compounds with longer esters attached (like Enanthate).


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